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Magid Carpet

Hafiz Encore is our Signature collection made with Extremely Dense

Exellan(Stain-resistant Wool Feel Advanced Polypropylene)

It has 12 mm pile height,  pencil point finish, great softness, durability, Clarity, and is very easy to clean.

You can feel the Luxury when you walk on these rugs.

Extremely Detailed Persian and French Patterns with all new Contemporary Colors.

Available sizes in rectangles:

4'4"x 6'5"($135) regular price at:$179.99     5'3"x 7'7"($179)regular price at:$239.99   

6'7"x 9'6"($267)regular price at:$349.99         7'10"x 9'10"($349)regular price at:$459.99 

7'10"x 11'2"($399)regular price at:$529.99      9'2"x 12'10"($567)regular price at:$749.99

Runners:2'2"x 7'7"($89) regular $119.99    2'2"x 11'(110) regular:$139.99   

and 2'7"x 9'10"($135) regular $169.99

Ovals: 2'7"x 4'7"($49)regular $69.99   5'3"x 7'7"($179) regular $239.99   and 6'7"x 9'6"($267) regular $349.99 

Rounds: 3'11"($76)regular:$69.99   5'3"($119)regular:$159.99   and   7'10"($267)regular:$349.99

not all patterns available in all sizes, some patterns available later.

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